hi my name is elisa i am in my final teenage year i am interested in urban design and i am currently reading rooted in the land (very very good)
(by Iris Jans)
Colorado Nat’l Monument (by J Kepper)
untitled (by opphotos)
wander in wonder (by manyfires)
(by Randy P. Martin)
But because life hear compels us, and because everything here
seems to need us, all this fleetingness
that strangely entreats us. Us, the most fleeting…
Once for each thing, only once. Once and no more. And we, too,
only once. Never again But to have been
once, even though only once:
this having been earthly seems lasting, beyond repeal.
by Excerpt from The Ninth Elegy by Rainer Marie Rilke
Un automne islandais ▿ Dimmuborgir, transpercé (by Marie l’Amuse)
Let the Light Shine Down (by Anna Marcell)
(by Petrana Sekula)
. (by plexus solaire)